Vanilla from Madagascar to taste even sweeter

Vanilla producers in Madagascar are taking steps to create a Fairtrade network on the island. Farmers from all ten Fairtrade organisations met for the second time setting out a concrete action plan.

‘REFAMADA arose last year when producers gathered to prepare a joint application for the Technical Assistance Fund or TAF,’ explains Ben Cousin from Fairtrade International. ‘After the first successful collaboration the producers decided to further join forces.’

The action plan which the producers drafted is based on three pillars: capacity building, child labour awareness and marketing. In conjunction with the meeting, Fairtrade organised a training to help the producers promote their business.

‘We explained the importance of marketing and how they can collaborate with their exporters. All producers left the training feeling more confident and with new ideas on how they can tell their organisation’s story.’

Fairtrade is adding flavor to the lives of vanilla producers in Madagascar!