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The East African: Getting a fair price for Kenya’s small coffee farmers

The type of coffee you drink could improve the livelihoods of thousands of small coffee farmers. Artcaffe Restaurant, in collaboration with Fairtrade Africa, has become the first coffee house in Kenya to serve coffee guaranteed to empower Kenyan coffee growers.

OYGK Mag: Fairtrade and ArtCaffe Launch ‘Coffee with Dignity’ Campaign

Fairtrade Africa has entered into an agreement with ArtCaffe to promote the uptake of premium-blended coffee among Kenyans through a campaign dubbed #coffeewithdignity.

Martin Shabaya & Wangeci Gitata - Fairtrade Africa Resource Mobilization & Partnership Manager at ArtCaffe Coffee & Bakery

This new initiatives not only seeks to give coffee lovers access to the export coffee blends available at Artcaffé outlets at an affordable price, but also to empower Kenyan coffee farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price and a sustainable source of income for their beans.

Spots4Coffee: We’re just nut’s about #coffee

Artcaffe in partnership with Fairtrade Africa have launched a joint campaign to empower Kenyan coffee farmers using the hashtag #CoffeeWithDignity plus the launch of their very own Fairtrade coffee. You will now be able to substitute your in house blended coffee with a cup of their Fairtrade signature blend or buy some to take home and brew yourself.

Business Daily: Artcaffe starts selling premium fairtrade coffee

The coffee beans from a Machakos farm blended with those from Nyeri marry together to produce a smooth, fragrant brew that is perfect for an afternoon drink. This is one of the two blends that will be available for sale and order locally at Artcaffe under the Fairtrade.

Standard Digital: Fairtrade Africa in deal to promote Coffee Drinking Culture

Fairtrade Africa and Coffee House chain Artcaffe have entered into a deal to promote uptake of premium-blended coffee among Kenyans. The two firms said in a statement yesterday the campaign dubbed #coffeewithdignity will enable coffee lovers to buy the export coffee blend from Artcaffé at an affordable price.

The Asian Weekly: Fairtrade Coffee brewed at ArtCaffe

Read the full article in the Asian Weekly magazine.

Fairtrade Coffee - Asian Weekly (1)

The Star: Kipkelion Coffee Mill Launches Two Brands

Kipkelion Coffee Mills has launched two brands by two women’s groups – Kabngetuny and Kapkiyai. The Zawadi and Champion brands were launched in Kipkelion West subcounty in a ceremony attended by Nandi Deputy Governor Julita Cheruiyot.

Capital FM: Coffeehouse chain to begin serving signature Fairtrade blend

Nairobi coffee lovers will now be able to order a signature Fairtrade blend in Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery outlets. In collaboration with Fairtrade Africa, Artcaffe launched the #CoffeewithDignity campaign, on Monday. Aimed at empowering Kenyan coffee farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price and a sustainable source of income for their beans, the campaign will also educate Kenyans about ethical coffee consumption.

Sheila Rabala: Artcaffe Coffee Partners with Fairtrade Coffee

I enjoy my coffee and have to confess I can easily drink up to 6 cups of it a day. I wanted to share this partnered post because of the positive nature it has and the impact it will have on our community and our  hardworking farmers which is something I appreciate. Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery has partnered up with Fairtrade Africa has announced the launch of #CoffeewithDignity campaign.

Kenya Buzz: Launch of #CoffeeWithDignity Campaign

Monday, the 22nd of January 2018 saw the launch of the #coffeewithdignity campaign between Artcaffe Coffee and Bakery and Fairtrade Africa. The campaign is as a result of the increased number of coffee drinkers in Kenya, over 19% in 2017 alone. Consumers need to be assured that what they consume is not only of high quality but has been produced through justifiable means, in that, the farmers receive adequate payment for their produce.

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