Market Access

Finding buyers is often a challenge for producer organisations.

In order to sell a product as Fairtrade and use the FAIRTRADE Mark on packaging, a company needs to have an agreement with a National/Regional Fairtrade Organisation or Marketing Organisation. These organisations license the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark on products and promote Fairtrade in their regions.

National/Regional Fairtrade Organisations and Marketing Organisations work to raise public awareness to the need for Fairtrade in their country. They work with businesses, retailers, schools, community groups and workplaces to facilitate the growth of market demand for Fairtrade, so as to enable producers to sell more Fairtrade products to traders and retailers. Many National/Regional Fairtrade Organisations and Marketing Organisations also work closely with Fairtrade Africa — and other Fairtrade partners — in supporting producers to access the Fairtrade market.

There are currently 27 National/Regional Fairtrade Organisations and Marketing Organisations found in the undermentioned countries. Together with Fairtrade Africa and the producers’ networks in Asia and Latin America, they are all members of Fairtrade International.

•    Austria: Fairtrade Austria
•    Belgium: Max Havelaar Belgium
•    Czech Republic: The Czech Fairtrade Association
•    Denmark: Fairtrade Maerket Denmark
•    Estonia: Fairtrade Estonia
•    Finland: Fairtrade Finland
•    France: Max Havelaar France
•    Germany: Fairtrade Germany
•    Ireland: Fairtrade Mark Ireland
•    Italy: Fairtrade TransFair Italy
•    Latvia: Fairtrade Latvia
•    Lithuania: Fairtrade Lithuania
•    Luxembourg: Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg
•    The Netherlands: Stichting Max Havelaar Netherlands
•    Norway: Fairtrade Max Havelaar Norway
•    Spain: Asociación del Sello de Comercio Justo
•    Switzerland:  Max Havelaar Stiftung
•    UK: The Fairtrade Foundation


•    Canada: Fairtrade Canada

•    United States: Fairtrade America –

•    Australia: Fairtrade Labelling Australia
•    New Zealand: Fairtrade Labelling New Zealand

•    South Africa: Fairtrade Label South Africa
•    Kenya: FMOEA

•    Japan: Fairtrade Label Japan
•    Hong Kong: Fairtrade Hong Kong
•    South Korea: Fairtrade Korea