Buying Fairtrade in Africa

With the emergence of new markets and a middle class in the South, Fairtrade is now introducing its FAIRTRADE Mark to consumers markets in Africa.

Traditionally, consumers in developed countries buy Fairtrade products from disadvantaged producers in the South. Africa’s growing middle class offers an opportunity for African consumers to contribute to sustainable development through their everyday shopping.

By launching the FAIRTRADE Mark on the African market, Fairtrade is also enhancing intra-African trade while creating further market access for all our African producers. Intra-African trade is considered vital for development of the continent. Fairtrade producers are encouraged to add value to their products to prepare them for local and regional markets – hence also increasing both profit and employment opportunities. Some Fairtrade organisations are already selling added-value products like packaged tea or dried fruits.

With the increase in South-South trade, the FAIRTRADE Mark is becoming a quality standard for consumers in the South.