Fairtrade Africa is run in a way that enables its members to contribute to its decision-making process. The organisation is divided into four regions: Eastern and Central Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa and Middle East and North Africa.

The Board

Each region has its own regional Fairtrade Africa Board with representatives from the producer organisations. The Fairtrade Africa Board includes one representative from each regional network and is elected by members at the African Assembly, held every two years. Members of the current Fairtrade Africa Board are:

kinyuaMary Kinyua- Board Chair and ECAN Representative, Kenya

Mary is a continuing student in PHD in Business Management at the University of Nairobi Holds a Diploma in Law, an MSC in Human Resource Management and a Bachelors in Business Administration. She is the Director of Human Resources & Administration at Oserian Development Company Limited. Mary has a wide range of experience in Leadership development, Human Resources, Strategy and Board level roles.

 mohamedMohamed Abou – Board Vice Chair and MENA Representative, Egypt

Mohamed graduated from Ain Shams University with a degree in Rights and Law. He then completed his studies with a Master in Agriculture and Area from Cairo University. Mohamed has been involved in developing small scale farmers in Egypt and served as president of the Agricultural Association. He has vast Management experience.

 fortinFortin Bley- Member, WAN Representative, Côte d’Ivoire

Fortin is an experienced Cocoa farmer and the Secretary General of the Coopérative Agricole N’Zrama de N’Douci, in Côte d’Ivoire. Fortin has a wealth of experience in sales, advertising and promotion which he partly acquired from working in the private sector before focusing on agriculture.  He is the chairman for the cocoa network in West Africa, as well as a surveillance committee member for the Coffee-Cocoa Council (Conseil Café Cacao) in Côte d’Ivoire.

 madeleMadele Mouton- Member, SAN Representative, South Africa

Madele has a passion for community development and has been involved in empowerment, mentoring and training for many years. She is the Corporate Responsibility Manager at Mouton Citrus in South Africa. Madele completed her MSc degree in Conservation Ecology in 2011 with her research project focusing on sustainable food production, by utilizing pollination ecosystem services in fruit production.

 georgeGeorge Kporye- Member and chair of HR committee, Ghana

George is a graduate of the University of Ghana with a degree in Economics and Statistics. George is the Director of Corporate Affairs & Administration at Golden Exotics Limited. He has extensive experience in Management, Corporate Affairs and Administration. George has received many awards for innovation in the agriculture sector which includes being the first certified organic farmer in Ghana.

wambuiWambui Chege- Independent Member and Chair of governance committee, Kenya

Wambui is a Senior Advisory Services and International Economics professional at KPMG Advisory Services. She has 20 years of experience in management, financial and agribusiness sector development, sustainability and business development. For many years, she has been in senior leadership roles,  and she has been involved in communications and operationalization of strategies.

 kondwaniKondwani Msampha- Independent Member and Chair of finance committee.

Kondwani has over 20 years of experience in directing global initiatives in international development. He is qualified with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of London, holds has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, a Certificate in Management & Finance and a Diploma in Business Administration. Kondwani is the Director of Finance & Administration at AFRICARE covering Southern AfricaZimbabwe & Zambia. He has worked in a number of global organisations, including as an International Controller at Pathfinder International in the United States of America where he oversaw operations in 25 country offices.

 NyagoyDr. Nyagoy Nyongó – Board Secretary

Dr. Nyagoy Nyong’o is the Executive Director of Fairtrade Africa and she sits in the Board as its secretary. She is charged with the responsibility of managing the day to day affairs of the organisation on behalf of the Board.


The Secretariat

Fairtrade Africa currently has an able and dedicated team operating from different parts of Africa, but its main hub is located in Nairobi, Kenya. Staff members provide producer support; they assist in the roll-out of communications, marketing and policy plans; and they help identify funds and partnerships. To learn more about our staff, please visit our staff page here.

Grassroots structures

Fairtrade engages with farmers and workers through different structures on a grassroots level. To learn more about these networks and partnerships, click here.

Fairtrade Africa in the Fairtrade system

Fairtrade Africa is part of Fairtrade International and works closely together with its different members: Read more here on the most recent Ways of Working report discussed in May 2014.

Fairtrade International
Located in Germany, Fairtrade International sets international Fairtrade standards and the global strategy. Fairtrade International also provides support to producers who want to become certified -

National/Regional Fairtrade Organisation (NFO)
The 21 NFOs promote Fairtrade products in their own countries. Organisations like Fairtrade Foundation, Fairtrade Sweden and Max Havelaar France create market access and communicate about the impact of Fairtrade to consumers in their own country. Fairtrade products can also be found in African supermarkets, notably in South Africa and Kenya. Learn more about the NFOs here.

FLO-CERT is the Fairtrade certification body. FLO-CERT inspects producers and traders to ensure they comply with Fairtrade standards. FLO-CERT is a separate company owned by Fairtrade International -