How to use this website

  • The top section of the Fairtrade Africa website has a menu stretcher which links to the main sections of the site such as ‘ABOUT FAIRTRADE’, to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible.
  • The top section of the site also has a search button so you can find what you need without having to click through the menus.
  • Underneath the main menu is a breadcrumb trail indicating where you are on the site.  A breadcrumb trail is a bar which shows you which section of the site you are currently in and which menus were clicked on to get to that page.  This is designed to help you know easily where you are in the website at all times and how to get back to another page.
  • On the homepage, the left hand column on the image displays quick links which take you to featured pages on the website. The text on the right hand side of the image contains additional quick links.
  • On every page of the website, the left hand navigation column contains the pages that you can find in that section of the website. If you are a Fairtrade certified producer and can access the member’s only section of the site, after logging in, this left hand navigation will contain an additional top section displaying the member only pages that you can navigate to.
  • The footer at the bottom of every page on the website contains fixed links to the website’s terms and conditions, site map and accessibility help.

Changing language

  • The Fairtrade Africa website has been developed in English and French.  At the top of every page a language picker can be found. When clicked, it will reload the website in its chosen language.

Members only section

  • A member’s only section has been developed on the Fairtrade Africa site. This is an area designed for Fairtrade certified producers in Africa. It can be accessed from the Producer Login box at the bottom left hand corner of the homepage. This section will be updated to provide Fairtrade certified producers in Africa with a resource space to learn more about internal Fairtrade issues and product related issues.

Producers and profiles search facility

  • A key feature of the Fairtrade Africa website is the producer and profile search facility which can be accessed from the main menu ‘PRODUCERS & PRODUCTS’ link. Viewers can search the database for Fairtrade producers and products in Africa and view the results on a page where additional information such as harvest dates and who to contact for sales is included.