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An Open letter to Sainsbury’s from Fairtrade Producers

  We told Sainsbury’s loud and clear: “Your model will bring about disempowerment” Fairtrade is owned 50% by the producers it represents and we, Fairtrade tea farmers, workers, producer members of Fairtrade Africa, are unanimous in our decision to reject this unequal partnership with the Sainsbury’s Foundation. We believe it will strip us of rights […]

Partnership with key textile brands follows launch of the Fairtrade Textile standard in May.

Following the launch of the textile standard in March 2016, three textile manufacturers from Germany in May 2016 announced their commitment to collaborate with Fairtrade. The three companies include 3Freunde, Shirts for Life and Melawear. “These first partners take on an important pioneering role and serve as role models”, said Dieter Overath, CEO of Fairtrade […]

Cadbury Dairy Milk to go Fairtrade in South Africa: a totally African Affair

Kraft Foods much-loved chocolate slab, Cadbury Dairy Milk [plain], is to become the first Fairtrade certified confectionery brand in South Africa. This will be the first ever Fairtrade chocolate slab made and sold in Africa. The Fairtrade cocoa is from West Africa and manufacturing is taking place in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. By establishing this […]

Africa represented at world’s biggest food fair

Fairtrade Africa was represented at the world’s biggest food fair, the 2011 Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, held in Germany earlier this year. Dyborn Chibonga, Chief Executive Officer of the National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi, joined Agriculture Ministers from all over the world to exchange ideas on the contribution of trade to world […]

And the Best Supplier Award goes to…

At its annual Brand Supplier Conference, UK retailer Sainsbury awards companies who have outperformed their competitors. This year Fairtrade’s own KCU, a coffee cooperative from Tanzania, took the prestigious Best Supplier Award home. Given the current coffee market climate, which is plagued with defaults, the win is an impressive achievement. According to the jury, KCU’s […]

Zambian mangoes in Danish ice cream

To gain a stronger position in the supply chain, mango farmers in Zambia have started to form cooperatives, collectively gathering and selling their mangos. One such group is the Mulungishi Mango Growers Association, situated in the central province of Zambia. The Mulungishi growers recently entered into a contract to supply their processed mango to a […]

Measuring producers’ carbon footprint: FLO-CERT offers a new service

With climate change affecting producers and consumers all over the world, major global brands and retailers are calling for greater environmental sustainability to reduce the environmental footprint of products. As this trend has intensified, FLO-CERT has taken the opportunity to offer a service which measures the carbon footprint of products from the farm to the […]

A little action can go a long way…

Producers may have more influence on retailers than they think. In February, Max Havelaar Netherlands signed an agreement for distribution of Fairtrade roses with Jumbo supermarkets. While this is an impressive deal for Fairtrade, what is even more extraordinary is how it came about. Showing great initiative, Itai Khulupi from Luxaflor Roses in Zimbabwe, wrote […]

African producers showing off the Fairtrade label in the UK

African producers traveled through the UK during Fairtrade Fortnight, the Fairtrade Foundation’s biggest annual campaign. The farmers assured English consumers that they are making a difference when buying Fairtrade products. Juliana Sampana, a shea nut gatherer from the Akoma Co-operative in Ghana, was one of the producers who participated in the campaign tour. She visited […]