Humans of Fairtrade (HOFT)

In August 2016, Fairtrade Africa launched a social media platform for communicating Fairtrade’s impact among workers, farmers and their communities. Humans of Fairtrade runs as both a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

Three interns from the University College Utrecht in Netherlands suggested the need to communicate impact especially to consumers. Since the existing social media platforms have no specific thematic focus, there was need to have a platform which solely focused on sharing impact stories which would move consumers to buy Fairtrade products. The stories in this platform are narrated from a first-person point of view. This engages the reader by connecting more to the story’s emotion.

Although an initiative of Fairtrade Africa, HOFT is open to the entire Fairtrade system. We welcome you to send your stories to  and of course, like the page on Facebook, and follow on Instagram!