Fairtrade Africa’s work is driven by the belief that the collective efforts of African producers, businesses, civil society and governments will yield higher benefits for producers and contribute more towards sustainable development in Africa. We work effectively together with partners on a range of issues:

  • Oxfam Belgium (OWW) – this partnership has resulted in support for the coffee network. More than €40,000 was spent establishing this network in 2009.
  • SNV Zimbabwe/SNV Eastern and Southern Africa – in 2009/2010 we collaborated to  increase Fairtrade activities in Zimbabwe, especially to support smallholder vegetable producers. We also worked with cotton and banana supply chains for the Fairtrade market within South Africa.
  • KPMG – Fairtrade Africa and KPMG worked on improving financial planning, risk and investment management for producers. KPMG offered free training in these areas for Fairtrade certified producers in 2011 and 2012.
  • Africa Now – Africa Now worked with Fairtrade producers in Kenya to increase market access and capacity development. The collaboration was worth €500,000 and it benefited Kenyan producers by supporting the country Fairtrade network and producer visits, participation in exhibitions and specific capacity building activities.
  • VI Agroforestry – in partnership with Fairtrade Africa, this organization established the ADAPTea project which has enabled farmers from 21 tea cooperatives from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda to adapt to climate change. They have achieved this by adopting Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) practises.
  • Solidaridad: the regional office of this Dutch organisation has been a close collaborating partner with FTA. Solidaridad is one of the Founding Members of the Fairtrade Market Organization in Eastern Africa, and a partner for Fairtrade’s pilot work in gold in the artisanal small mining sector (funded by Comic Relief, UK). In addition, they are implementing partners in the first Gender project for FTA – Women in Coffee (funded by the Big Lottery Fund, UK)
  • Christian Aid – is a founder of Fairtrade Marketing Organisation Eastern Africa. In addition to that, they have collaborated with us by funding a market study aimed at unlocking the local and regional market for African Leafy Vegetables. Through their partnership, FTA was able to make the business case for a Fairtrade standard for 7 African leafy vegetables. A move towards regionalisation that reflects the tastes and needs of New Markets.
  • Shared Interest – This was a project that aimed to ease access to finance by enhancing financial capacity building of SPOs in 5 countries, using FTA tools developed with KPMG to improve credit worthiness and unlock borrowing capacity.
  • VSO – They set up the Malawi Fairtrade Network.
  • JOAC (Jersey Overseas Aid Commission) – Assisted in setting up biogas units for women in coffee project and they have supported in organisational development, GAP practices, alternative income generating activities for a project aimed at building resilience in Swaziland for sugar producers.
  • FinnPartnership and Fairtrade Sweden: They have been involved in training of youth on organisational development, SALM practices and access to markets. This aligns well with FTA’s Programmatic Approach with an emphasis on youth.
  • Swedish Postcode Lottery: Under a project on improving Workers Rights and Fairtrade Premium Committees (FPCs) they have done FPC strengthening, financial capacity building, improving workers rights and raising their voices.
  • Nordic Climate Facility (NCF): Under a project known as Growing Resilient Agricultural Enterprises (GREAN) NCF has supported a project on Fairtrade Carbon Credits being produced by three coffee producer organisations in Uganda. This was through an improved cookstoves project that will join the Uganda Carbon Bureau’s existing Programme of Activities. In addition, the producers will roast and package their own coffee for the domestic and regional market. The project which has a focus on climate resilience will also incorporate SALM (Sustainable Agricultural Land Management) practices and AIGAs that include coffee husk briquette making.

Funding partnerships

  • Dutch Postcode Lottery – funded ‘It takes a village to protect a child’ a project based in Côte d’Ivoire and it is aimed at tackling Child Labour in the farming communities. The project is all inclusive and it runs on a program that is Community Based Youth Inclusive Monitoring and Remediation approach on Child Labour.
  •  Big Lottery Fund (BLF) – funded an ongoing project aimed at mainstreaming Gender and Youth involvement in Fairtrade-certified coffee value chains. This was under the theme of ‘Economic empowerment of women and girls in trade’.
  • Comic Relief – funded innovation of Fairtrade standard in Gold and organising Artisanal Smallscale Mining Organisations to become Fairtrade certified.