Membership fee FAQ

1) Who is eligible to Fairtrade Africa membership?

Membership of Fairtrade Africa is open to the following groups of organisations and individuals:

  • Fairtrade certified producer organisations in Africa: small-scale farmers and workers
  • Fairtrade certified non-producer organisations in Africa
  • Producer organisations in Africa certified other than by Fairtrade
  • Organisations registered with the larger fair trade movement in Africa

For more information on how to become Fairtrade certified click here.

2) What are the benefits of becoming a Fairtrade Africa member?

Benefits depend on the type of member you are. There are three categories: ordinary, associate and honorary membership.

As an Ordinary Member of Fairtrade Africa you have the right to demand for services from the organisation. These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Participation in the decision making procedures of Fairtrade Africa
  • Access to Technical Assistance Fund
  • Access to capacity building services such as volunteer programmes, trainings…

Click here to learn more on other rights per category.

3) What are my rights and responsibilities as a member?

Rights and responsibilities depend on the type of member you are. There are three categories: ordinary, associate and honorary membership. Click here to learn more on rights and responsibilities per category.

4) Do I need to pay a fee to become a member?

Yes. As a new member you will need to pay an application fee and renew your membership by paying annual membership fees.

Fees depend on the type of member you are and the Fairtrade premium you receive. There are three categories: ordinary, associate and honorary membership. Click here to learn more on membership fees per category.

Members who have been certified by Fairtrade International before April 30th 2012 do not need to pay the one-time application fee of US$ 100.

5) How often do I need to renew my membership?

Membership is yearly and is renewed when the annual membership fee is paid.

6) Why does Fairtrade Africa require information on my organisation’s premium income?

For Fairtrade certified producer membership fees are based on received Fairtrade Premiums. Figures will not be disclosed to any third party without prior written consent of the applicant. This information will be protected at higher confidentiality levels.

7) I have paid certification fees to FLO-CERT, why should I pay membership fees to Fairtrade Africa again?

Since 2009, Fairtrade Africa has laid a strong foundation to support producers and increase ownership of the organisation by Fairtrade certified producers in Africa. Since its formation, Fairtrade Africa has become an important player in the Fairtrade system with an increasing voice of championing the course of African producers.

To continue playing this significant role and to further increase ownership of the organisation, members resolved at the 2010 African Assembly held in Zimbabwe that all members have to be recognised by Fairtrade Africa.

8 ) Is my membership automatically accepted?

No, the regional Fairtrade Africa Boards grant and the African Assembly ratifies member recognition.

9) Until when do I have the time to sign up?

The 2012-2013 membership runs from 1 October till 30 September. Membership renewal, including fee payment, needs to be concluded by 15 August.

10) Where can I sign up?

Member recognition forms can be accessed and completed from our website homepage at www.fairtradeafrica.net.

All details on the membership requirements, rights and obligations, fees and payment can also be found on our website. For producers with limited access to internet, please notify your Regional Coordinator and we will send the information and application form by mail.

Please contact your Regional Coordinator or the Fairtrade Africa Secretariat if you have any further queries:

Eastern Africa: Marion Ng’anga – m.nganga@fairtradeafrica.net
West Africa: Kwame Banson – k.banson@fairtradeafrica.net
Southern Africa: Benjamin Cousin– b.cousin-external@fairtrade.net
North Africa: Chiraz Skhiri – c.skhiri@fairtrade.net
Or info@fairtradeafrica.net